With more than SR 1 billion of Assets Under Management, MaCeen Capital has developed the Asset Management Division, works with clients, from individual investors to large financial institutions to develop advanced portfolio management strategies to achieve specific and long term investment goals focusing on equity, real estate, and fixed income.

Real Estate Funds

has a diversified portfolio of commercial and residential projects that stand as a success story, with more than SAR 1 billion in Real Estate Investments.

With less than 3 years, Maceen managed to structure and launch the following funds

  • Real Estate Development Fund:
    1. Rama Residential Compound.
    2. Heya Villatee
    3. Maladich Industrial
    4. Al Mousa Warehouse Logistic
  • Income Generating Fund
    1. Al Bayt 52 .
  • Land Development Fund
    1. Luluat Al Mugayel
    2. Al Mugayel Gem .
  • Fixed Income Fund
    1. Tabadul .
  • Opportunities Real Estate Fund
    1. Al Sultan Villas project
    2. Al Nakheel project
    3. La Bella project
    4. Jareer project

Equity DPM strategy

we work through diversified strategies Active, Passive, Balanced, and IPOs strategies.

  1. Active Strategy: focuses into growth companies usually fully invested. It is suitable for those whom looking for higher return.
  2. Passive Strategy: suitable for mid-risk investors, it’s a mix between active and passive strategy.
  3. Balanced Strategy: suitable for those who are looking for high dividend yield, Focuses into high yield and liquid companies.
  4. IPOs strategy: Suitable for listed and non-listed companies. Focuses on IPOs.
  • Equity DPM Decision Making Process, the process involves three layers: Main engine, Sub engine, and Maintenance.
    1. Main engine (Top-Down Approach): Undergoes exposure and allocation control. Market cap, sector and factor and stock selection: long/short.
    2. Sub engine: Equity selection and valuation.
    3. Maintenance (Risk Management): Exercise caution for liquidity, volatility and unintended bets, in addition to portfolio instructions.